Thank you for choosing Nutrition Fusion, PLLC to share in your nutritional care. For more information about complementary and integrative healthcare, please visit the National Institute for Health Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Cancellation Policy

Office hours vary and are by appointment. The appointment time is reserved for you. We require 24-hour cancellation notice. If less than 24 hours notice is given, a $50.00 administrative fee may be applied. Subsequent late cancellations or no-shows may be charged a $100.00 administrative fee, and may result in dismissal from Nutrition Fusion, PLLC practice.

Billing Policy

Nutrition Fusion, PLLC is a fee-for-service practice, payment is due at the time of service. You will be provided with a bill with date of service and procedural and diagnostic codes to submit to your insurer. Reimbursement for medical nutrition therapy varies among insurers. Your signature below indicates your agreement to pay fee for services, as indicated below, and authorizes the staff of Nutrition Fusion, PLLC to release billing information to billing and collections agencies.

  • Initial Assessment, 60 minutes ─ $200

  • Reassessment, 45 minutes ─ $150

  • Reassessment, 30 minutes* ─ $100

* 30 min appointments are only available for straight-forward, non-clinically complex lifestyle purposes. Please understand this is done in the interest of preserving the highest quality of care for all.

We encourage you to assess and discuss potential risks and benefits of diet therapies, dietary supplements, and mind and body practices with Nutrition Fusion, PLLC staff and your primary care physician before you begin a new program of care. For informed decision-making about your care, you are encouraged to consider:

  • At-risk individuals (infants, children, pregnant, nursing, elderly)

  • Medical contraindications (including, but not limited to kidney or liver disease)

  • Safety and effectiveness

  • Reasonably foreseeable side-effects and adverse effects

  • Adverse event reporting for dietary supplements

  • Drug-nutrient interactions

  • Monitoring and evaluation for subjective and objective signs of improvement or worsening

  • When to continue or discontinue diet therapies, dietary supplements, and mind and body practices