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About Us


Be nourished, be active, be present, be rested, be happy, be integrated.

In a world of one size fits all approaches to healthcare, it's our passion to provide an alternative. It is our mission to support you in your endeavors by providing informed and inspired care to meet your dynamic needs.

Nutrition Fusion was founded by Beth McDonald, a Registered Dietitian and New York State Certified Nutritionist. She holds a Master of Science degree from Columbia University in Applied Physiology and Nutrition and is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.



A word from Beth.


For the love of food. I have always loved food. The flavors, textures, smells, and the giddy anticipation of a delicious meal prepared with love and enjoyed in the company of family and friends. As many young women do, I have struggled at times with my relationship with food and body image, at times lending it too much power, while at other times not considering it’s effect enough. Several years ago I sought and received the help I needed to overcome my disordered thinking around food and through this experience discovered the refreshingly simple concept of eating WHOLE foods mindfully. At this point I was a freshman at Hunter College in NYC and made the decision to major in nutrition and become a Registered Dietitian. During this time I cultivated a yoga practice and established mind body strategies for more conscious living.

In expanding my world view, I discovered the realm of integrative nutrition. I knew immediately that this would be my professional home. I also knew that in order to practice nutrition in the way I most wanted, I would need to further my education. This was where I decide to incorporate my love of two worlds – fitness and nutrition. I attained my Master of Science degree from Columbia University in Applied Physiology and Nutrition, or Sports Nutrition, and developed my integrative nutrition practice through internship opportunities and independent research. My sports nutrition practice has grown over the years to include recreational, collegiate, and semi-professional, athletes. I am also a real person living in New York City and raising three beautiful girls with my husband, so I get it. I know life is crazy messy and I aim to help you simplify and prioritize.

For the past several years I have worked as a faculty provider for the Center for Health and Healing in NYC. We housed one of the largest medical fitness programs in the Northeast and some of the most brilliant integrative practitioners around. I am proud to have called the Center my home. As I now embark on this new journey, I take the principles and philosophies I have acquired and will use them in helping you to create a better, more vibrant and integrated life.  I am also hoping to have some fun with you along the way.