“Beth McDonald worked with me in trying to get healthier with her suggestions on clean healthy living. Her support as a nutritionist is amazing. She doesn't encourage just to make the person feel better, but to really truly boost their spirits and help in their journey to healthy living. She has helped me control bad habits and introduced a better way of eating healthy with jump start meal plans, exercise suggestions, talking one on one, listening to me and recommending ways to help with my journey on weight loss. I'm thankful for her services & definitively recommend her services to anyone seeking to improve or go on the route of healthy living.” 

- Marci B.

"I have been a patient of Beth McDonald since 2016. From our very first encounter with each other, it was and is a grand slam home run. I came to Beth with multiple symptoms, high blood pressure, sleep disorder, etc. right away she started asking all the right questions, and she listens intensely....fast forward when I started seeing Beth I was on three powerful meds for hypertension, now I am down to one, my cardiologist is amazed, Beth has me on very specific diet and exercise plan. I am only taking the one pill for protocol, but we are talking of making that go away. Going to see Beth McDonald, is a life changing experience....she worth every dollar spent. try it you will love it. "

-Louis V.

Beth has been an essential part of my journey to building a better, healthier, lighter me. Her insightful counsel, eating plans, and  kind encouragement has helped me master my inclinations towards emotional over-eating and over-drinking. When I decided to train for my first triathlon, Beth was there for me encouragement, and a plan to help me eat and train like an athlete. I couldn’t have done it without her.
— Megan M.
Working with Beth was a true pleasure. She was understanding, thoughtful and kind. Most importantly she had a whole person approach that wasn’t just about food, it was tailored to what I needed at the moment. At the time I was trying to have a baby. She helped me figure out what was best for me nutritionally and physically with realistic goals. Two months later I was pregnant with my first. I’m so grateful for her stress free and friendly style. I believe it made all the difference.
— J. Carter
Through working with Beth over several years I’ve learned to manage my very rare restricted diet including no sugars, minimal carbohydrates, low histamine, and environmentally friendly pescatarian foods. My goal isn’t weight loss, but effective weight gain in a healthy manner and progressive repair. She works fantastically with my practitioners as a team player. She’s great at balancing meals, making suggestions, finding and creating options that work. Her knowledge, guidance and perspective have been exceptional.
— I.F.

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